New Year's Eve is just around the corner! With a new year comes new goals. We hope you will decide to join us and run or walk a 5k.

For many indivuals, the 5k (3.1 miles) is the first competitive distance they try. It's their first race T-shirt, their introduction to the world of road racing. But experienced runners like 5ks too. 5ks races are fun to run and easy to race.

If you are a beginner, you can be standing at the starting line of your first 5-K after only a few months training. It will take some effort on your part, but not a lot. Below are three different training plans developed by legendary running coach Hal Higdon. Whatever your goal or ability level there is a plan that will meet your needs.
  • -Novice: Training for your first 5-K
  • -Intermediate: If you want to improve your times
  • -Advanced: How to train for maximum performance
  • -Walkers: Who says you have to run to finish a 5-K?